OUTLINE is an independent platform that produces and supports the transdisciplinary work of Begüm Erciyas, David Weber-Krebs and Ula Sickle. OUTLINE realises their creations, provides the framework for production, communication and financial management, and deals with the distribution and promotion of artistic output.

OUTLINE starts from the conviction that production work is inextricably linked to the artistic work and follows the model of an artist’s studio, where a group of employees are closely involved in the production and creation process and where resources and networks are shared. Within the artist-run and artist-centred support model, the strong alliance between production and artistic output results in a stable, shared framework where new institutional configurations for realising and presenting work emerge.


Outline vzw
Paul Deschanellaan 225
1030 Schaarbeek, Belgium
BE 0777.711.356

Emilie Legrand, Business Coordinator

Joëlle Laederach, Production manager Ula Sickle

Maru Mushtrieva, Production manager Begüm Erciyas

Board members & General Assembly

Jonas Rutgeers, Katrien Reist, Laura Herman, Shamisa Debroey
Jonathan Offereins, Joanna Warza, Rui Silveira, Lies Martens


Design: Goda Budvytytė
Development: Asger Behncke Jacobsen
Copyright: Outline vzw
Supported by Flanders, State of the Art (2023-2027)